Crafty Saturdays

Visit our YouTube channel to see our collection of crafty videos or click on the individual craft links below.


July 3 – Flower Bombs – Do you want to get flower seeds into a hard to reach place? Try a flower bomb.

July 10 – Fir-cone Figures – Create animal figurines using the cones from fir trees and other natural items. The video description for fir-cone figurines contains detailed instructions.

July 17 – PotPourri – Make your own room fresheners with this simple recipe for potpourri .

July 24 – Rock Painting – Follow these instructions for insect inspired painting you can do on rocks.  (pdf file opens in a new window)

July 31 – Make a Newspaper –  Create your own newspaper with these simple instructions.

August 7 – Model House – Learn how to build a model log house using small branches and pebbles.

August 14 – Spiral Bracelet – Make a spiral bracelet with these easy directions.

August 21 – Paper boxes – Use two sheets of paper to make a box that you can use to store trinkets.

August 28 – Strawberry jam – Make this small batch of delicious strawberry jam using just three ingredients. The recipe is in the video description.  


July 4 – Paper dolls have been a popular craft for generations. Learn how to make paper dolls. The template is in the video description or you can find it here.

July 11 – Pressed flowers  Pressed flowers can be used for many crafts.

July 18 – Thaumatropes were a popular Victorian craft. Learn more about thaumatropes and how to make them.

July 25 – Paper Weaving is a fun and historic craft. Learn how to do paper weaving.

August 1 – Folded picture frames – Use simple folding techniques to make a decorative picture frame.

August 8 – Sewing cards – Used to help students develop motor skills, sewing cards were a common craft in early schools. The link to the template can be found here or in the description of the video.

August 15 – Watercolouring –  Learn about watercolouring and using crayons for watercolouring resistance.

August 22 – Handkerchief Dolls – Make your own handkerchief doll in a few simple steps using everyday items found around the house.

August 29 – Paper Chains – A very old craft, paper cutting was often taught in schools. The link to the template is in the description of the video and can also be found here.

October 10 – Dried Leaf Lantern – Pressed flowers and leaves have long been important keepsakes to remember special moments. They were often put on display or kept in the pages of a book. This pressed leaf lantern craft turns these keepsakes into a fall decoration.

December 19 – Salt Dough Ornaments – Using a simple recipe with only three ingredients, kids can enjoy a craft and create festive salt dough ornament decorations.