Active Games

Welcome to “Retro Recess” a look back at the active games children played during school recess in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Download the pdf files to learn more about the origins of these games and perhaps bring back memories of playing them yourself !

Clapping games Musical rhythm, rhyme and co-ordination

Group games played with participants in a circle “Duck, Duck, Goose”, Drop the Handkerchief”, “Musical Chairs”

Games for larger groups – part 1 “What Time is it Mr. Wolf”, “Dead Man Arise”, “Red Light, Green Light”, “Fox and Chickens” 

Games for larger groups – part 2 “British Bulldog” 

Games for 1 or 2 people using simple items “Game of Graces”, “Hoop Rolling”, “Cat’s Cradle”

Classic games: Hopscotch   Jump Rope   Tug of War